Bill Crawford was summoned to the USS Helena; a Nuclear Class Submariner Destroyer ship based in San Diego, CA.
Objective: Devise a Fitness Program that centers around three elements...
1. Full Body Workout
2. Confined Space Workout
3. Easy Storage on-board vessel
Conclusion: Gym To Go! Resistance training exercises that can be done anywhere at any time!

Bill Instructing the Crew for the USS Helena

Bill Crawford and a USS Helena Crew Member
Bill had the honor of being a guest on board the USS Helena. There he learned about the special challenges of assessing physical fitness while on undersea missions. As a token of his appreciation for his unforgettable experience on the submarine, Bill offered to develop an exercise program for the Navy utilizing rubber bands.
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The Gym To Go Story told by Bill Crawford:

In July of 2007, Bill Crawford was invited to come aboard the USS Helena (SSN 725), a Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine, and participate in a VIP courtesy cruise. Bill stated "The experience was one of the highlights of my life. Being submerged underway on a nuclear attack submarine is something I will never forget."

On board for the occasion was Captain Jaenichen, the Commander of Squadron 11, the Navy’s West Coast Submarine Fleet headquartered at San Diego. Bill was invited to dine with the Commander and Officers in the Officers Dining room on board the Helena. While visiting over lunch, they began discussing Bill’s secular employment. When his experience as a fitness trainer was disclosed, the conversation quickly turned to the physical fitness issues confronting crews of submarines while on extended deployments. Bill learned about their challenges with back problems, dissuse atrophy and strength loss because of not being able to strength train underway.

He immediately recommended the utilization of rubber resistance bands and began to explain their benefits and adaptability to environments such as the tight quarters aboard submarines. At that point the commander asked Bill if he would be interested in designing a fitness program for use on submarines for his personnel. Bill was honored and eager to accept the invitation. When he returned home he immediately started developing a flash-card system showing 14 rubber band exercises. He and his wife Debbie took two-step photographs showing the exercises and created a laminated card for each exercise and bound them together.

Shortly thereafter he flew back to San Diego as a special guest of The Squadron 11 headquarters at Point Loma to deliver the flash card system, rubber-bands and give a demonstration to the Fitness Officers of as many submarines as possible. Bill declined payment for his involvement, but instead asked permission to be able to use the submarine story to promote his fitness endeavors in the private sector.

Bill used the program he developed for the U.S. Navy as a template for the free program and the free Apple iphone App: Gym To Go. Both are used world wide.

According to U.S. Government rules; it must be noted Neither the Department of the Navy nor any component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this product or service. May God bless and protect the brave men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces!