Downloadbale Flash-Card System
14 Total-Body Exercises
Works with Elastic Bands Available Anywhere!
Take Anywhere Compact Design & Storage
Developed for the United States Navy

App Design by Bill Crawford & Davoo, LLC.

Fitness Guru and "In-Demand" weight-loss specialist Bill Crawford was on special assignment from the government: Develop an exercise program for Submariners, under the conditions of confinement, limited space, and minimum storage.
Bill Crawford's GYM TO GO was the result of a military operation in naval fitness. Built on the same concept that many expensive home gyms employ, GYM TO GO utilizes resistance training for use with all resistance "rubber bands"
An expensive piece of equipment is useless without proper instruction. That is why Bill developed the 14 Total-Body Exercise flash card system. It's like having your own Bill Crawford with you every time you work out.

MISSION: US Navy Exercise
Bill Crawford Visits the test crew on-board a US Naval Submarine. Mission: develop a beneficial exercise program for submariners in confined quarters. No room for weight sets or jogging machines!
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The Man Behind the Program
Bill is certified for Musculoskeletal Evaluation and Rehabilitation by the University of Florida with specialized training for the lumbar spine. Bill was born and raised in the rugged mountains of Ouray, Colorado ....
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The Flash Card System
A visual instruction booklet that shows you how to utilize the GYM TO GO properly and effectively. 14 Different Resistance Training Exercises developed by Bill Crawford personally.
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Legal Disclaimer: Neither the Department of the Navy nor any component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this product or service.